What is the difference between Indyoh.tv and Indyoh.com?

What is self-distribution and what is required?

What territories can I sell my film on VOD?

How do I know how much money my movie has made?

Who collects the money?

Are there any guidelines for my films?

What are the required documents to be accepted to the market?

If I am entering the market, can I still charge for my film in the on VOD?

Is there a list of distributors using Indyoh available?

I am trying to upload my deliverables but I do not understand what some of these things are.

How much does this service cost? Are there any additional/hidden fees?

I already have (affiliate deliverable).

Does Indyoh only deal with feature films?

I do not have an internet connection fast enough for all of these large files.

Who determines the price for watching my movie on VOD?

Does Indyoh take a % from the download revenue?

Q) Are international distributors and agents able to screen the film without paying?

If a distributor is interested, how do they reach out?

If I sell my movie on your site, how do I get my files to the buyer?

Is that safe?

What security measures protect my film on VOD?

Is Indyoh’s VOD platform exclusive?

Would we sign a contract?

What sort of marketing does Indyoh do for my film?